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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Ghost Story

on-location shoot
28 January 2010
The producers contacted us and sent us to the Crescent Hotel January 28th through the 31st to shoot some reenactments to go along with our interviews for the show.
our room

Conner and Cole's room

morgue chimney
We hear Jesus loves me sung in stairwell

Backproblems whipping my ass

Cole prepares for his big shot at showbiz
We drove up Friday night arrived late.
We didn’t have time for any ghost hunting this trip.
Deer in the spotlights

Changing plans

Changing back
rethinking plans

The camera man/producer met us early Saturday morning to begin a long day of shooting reenactments of everything from driving to the hotel, all our experiences, and driving away from the Crescent.
Planning the next shot

Chloe and Kims bathroom reenactments
Chloe preps for a closeup

Chloe and Kims bathroom reenactments

Conner doubles as grip

moving outside
  He was well prepared with a huge list of shots he had to get of us to coincide with our stories. The reenactments included the kids this time so we all had plenty of fun.   We filmed for 12 -15 hours. 

Conner doubles as grip

Lights turning off and on

latenight segments outside

It turned creepy during the latenight segments outside

breaking down equipment

Dinning room reenactment
 It made for a very tedious trip. We crashed that night late and drove home Sunday morning.

Mist forms during the dinning room shoot
We did have a few unexplained events during the filming.  A mist formed in the dinning room while we were waiting for Kim and Chloe to finish shooting upstairs.  We heard Jesus loves me in the stairwell sung by a little girl's voice.  We also had some really creepy feelings outside the hotel filming with lights in vacant rooms switching on and off.
original pics Chloe recognized possible ghosts
Chloe's ghosts?
Chloe's ghosts?

Mist and face? forms during the dinning room shoot

After 15 hours of filming our entire segment titled "Bumps In The Night" Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas,  only lasted for 10 minutes when it finnally aired.  However we were chosen for the season finale and it ended up being top rated MGS episode to date.
My Ghost Story Season 2 Episode 10 (Aired 11th Jun 2011)

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